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  Realistic, Affordable, and Fast!
If you've been looking to buy a fake pay stub, you have come to the right place, because as our name says, that is what we are all about!  Our phony pay stubs are absolutely indistinguishable from real ones because they are prepared using actual payroll accounting software and they are printed on genuine paycheck paper!  Couple that with accurate Federal and State tax withholding, health insurance and 401(k) deductions, and no one but you will have any idea that the stubs are fake! So whether you want to stick it to that blow hard buddy who is always bragging about how much he makes, or if you want to impress a family member by showing them "proof" of the big bucks you are pulling down,  we can definitely help you out!  

We accept all major credit cards for your convenience and ordering is as easy as can be! Simply click on the order tab at the top of this page or the order link below and provide us with some information about you, your job, your deductions, how much and how often you get paid, and we will quickly and professionally handle the rest!

Our paycheck stubs are not only realistic but they are very affordable too, and with our fast turnaround you can have your order as soon as the day after tomorrow! Don't wait any longer, place your order online before midnight Eastern time and we will ship your order out to you on the very next business day!
******We no longer offer novelty pay stubs to NEW customers******

As low as $49.99
  • Get a fake pay stub for $4999, two for $5999, or three for $6999
  • You choose how much money the stub shows you make
  • Accurate Federal and State tax withholding calculations!
  • Health insurance & 401(k) deductions for added realism
  • Perfect for making friends & family think you've made it big